Human Learning vs. Machine Learning

A comparison of human learning to machine learning to understand how cognitive science perspectives can be infused into artificial intelligence products

Bias in Natural Language Processing and Face Recognition

A discussion of social and ethical implications of biases in machine learning and recent de-biasing methodologies

Comparing Bayesian and Neuro-scientific Approaches to Perception

Explores concepts like belief updating, incremental distributional learning, representational plasticity, and information theory

Why Are There So Few Women in Senior Management Positions?

Discusses attitudes towards gender competition in relation to cultural, corporate, and behavioral barriers women face as they climb the corporate ladder

Publications Transforms Credit Risk Decision-Making with AI

Considering many factors to construct a credit profile with AI, which will help lenders make accurate decisions

Leads to Leases with ML

By using’s Driverless AI platform and AWS, G5 takes training dataset, conducts feature engineering and builds a predictive model to identify leads and increase conversion rates

Using AutoML to Match Patients with Specialists

ArmadaHealth trains an NLP model to understand customer sentiment and match patients with better specialists for them

Using AI to Treat Infertility

Data scientists at RSC collect data from past medical records and genetic tests, analyze what factors make a successful embryo, to predict favorable outcomes for patients