SmileAMile : A Personal Community Service Project

Founded a community service initiative to spread kindness and encouragement to children facing hardship.
I created themed “smiley-faced pillows” as a symbol for empathy and encouragement to foster positive interactions and open a channel for communication. I delivered these pillows to children’s hospitals in the United States. I have also facilitated joint initiatives with non-profit organizations working with natural disaster victims and orphans in disadvantaged communities in Haiti, Nepal, and the Philippines.
Project Details
Duration: 2016-2020

Hospitals in New Jersey and Texas
Orphanages in Haiti, Nepal, and the Philippines

I developed relationships with the United Nations (UN Women org) to create a more psychological and human-human impact in addition to the great financial resources they deliver to girls and women in disadvantaged communities.

I wrote a proposal that was presented at the United States National Committee for UN Women. Although that route did not exactly pan out, I was able to connect with a non-profit named Airline Ambassadors International. We partnered with them to make a positive impact to children on their mission projects.

Whether it was seeing an elderly woman with dementia smile after receiving a pillow, seeing a 10 year old boy do the crossword puzzles that came with the pillow while his leg was broken, or even seeing the determination in the eyes of orphan who want an education, this was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had.
Pictures sent from Haiti Mission :))

Human connection is at the center of every problem. Spread positivity and encouragement. Kindness is impactful.

ALMOND: A Self-Executed Accessories line

Designed and produced my own vegan handbag line. This line has a unique pattern, structural features, and to top it off is accessorized with swarovski crystals.
I designed a vegan handbag line that consists of 3 unique handbags. Learning how to design, prototype, source materials, manufacture, and market my product vision has been truly rewarding.

There was so much to learn about designing a tangible product and then bringing it to life. It got messy: I had to learn to stitch zippers and interface and went to every single fabric store in NYC. At the end, I sourced a manufacture oversees to create the final products.

I went to the 2nd biggest trade show in Las Vegas called AccessoriesTheShow to gain interest in my line.
Two final prototypes from the product line

Bringing your ideas to life requires being messy and taking risk: Design, Build, Fail, Reset