Chatbot to help everyday Instagram users audit AI algorithmic biases
Project Overview
My team set out to research the problem space of how to best harness the power of everyday users in auditing algorithmic bias in artificial intelligence. In effort to streamline and improve AI algorithmic auditing for everyday Instagram users, we propose AuditBot.
Project Details
Duration: 3 months
Team: 5 students

Skills: Think-aloud usability testing, semi-structured interviews, contextual inquiry, affinity diagramming, stakeholder and empathy mapping, speed dating, and experience prototyping.
Solution Overview
Based on our insights we created a two prong solution. First, at the bottom of recommended content, users can view the number of friends that reported the content. This piece of information is a huge motivator for potential reports. Users can then open the second feature, AuditBot, in their direct messages to do a variety of things from submitting a report, seeking resources/social support, and receiving updates about the progress of their report, and engaging in guided conversation. AuditBot allows users to be part of the reporting/auditing process in the ways they desire.
Our solution motivates users to contribute to everyday auditing by showing a numerical indication of previous reports, improves their confidence by providing resources/educational material, and promotes transparency by giving updates on the progress of their report.

Project Details Coming Soon, I Promise I'm Hard At Work!